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Azelio has a clear focus on distributed electricity where and when it is needed through its unique solution for thermal energy storage with highly efficient demand-based electricity production. The Company is focusing initially on areas around the sun belt where there is no electricity or a weak grid connection. The solution can be part of a “micro grid”. Azelio offers a scalable solution for sustainable electricity around the clock at a very low cost.


Energy storage for sustainable electricity around the clock

Azelio's CTO, Torbjörn Lindquist, about the unique storage technology of thermal energy with the production of sustainable electricity during all hours of the day. Scalable and cost effective from 0.1 MW up to 100 MW.
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Azelio’s unique Stirling engine

The Stirling engine is a 200-year-old innovation and, over the course of 25 years, Azelio has developed its own highly efficient Stirling engine with over two million operating hours and an impressive service interval of 6,000 hours in engines that have been used in field conditions. The engine is powered by heat and has zero emissions. The conversion rate from heat to electricity is around 30%. The high efficiency of the Stirling engine is an important factor in the system’s cost-effectiveness.

Flexible heliostat field

Azelio’s heliostat field, which reflects the sun’s rays and concentrates the thermal energy into the storage medium, can be adapted in size depending on local conditions and is also easy to maintain. Thanks to the high efficiency of the entire system, a smaller installed mirror surface is required compared to competing solutions. A production unit has a nominal output of 13 kW with production capacity around the clock and takes up an area of around 25x25 metres. Scalability means that additional production units can be added to reach the desired capacity. High-volume component production makes the solution cost-effective even for small projects in the range of 0.1 MW up to 100 MW.

Pioneering energy storage

Azelio’s energy storage solution consists of an aluminium alloy. It requires no replenishment of the storage medium in order to maintain capacity, and no power degradation occurs over time. This unique solution has a storage capacity of 13 hours of electricity production at nominal power, resulting in a system that can produce sustainable, controllable and distributed electricity cost-effectively around the clock.

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