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A new company with a strong industrial heritage

Azelio was founded in 2008 under the name Cleanergy by four Swedish entrepreneurs that shared a strong interest in environmentally friendly technology and renewable energy.
By buying the rights from a German company and securing the technology, they laid the foundation for a company that would focus on clean energy production based on the Stirling engine technology.

Since then over a 100 million USD have been invested in the company and Cleanergy has put proven and commercial demonstration units – the Dish Stirling CSP system – in locations all over the world. Constantly increasing the efficiency for every new installation.

In early summer 2018, when introducing the new ground-breaking thermal energy storage solution to the world, Cleanergy changed the name of the company to Azelio.

Engine detail

Cleanergy AB was founded in Åmål, Sweden.
First step in production unit in Åmål, Sweden.
First Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) demo plant installed, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.
State-of-the-art engine production line with high-volume capacity, acquired from a large Swedish automotive company.
Decisive growth of distribution network in the European Union and the United States.
Second CSP demo plant commissioned in Dubai.
Cooperation agreement with Masen, and pilot installation in Morocco.
Development of and patent applications for TES solution. Substantial increase in commercial inquiries.
Reveal of ground-breaking new TES solution. Development agreement with Masen, for TES commercialization. Cleanergy becomes Azelio.
The company has raised more than one billion SEK since the inception


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